October 14, 2022

Smart Factory Webinars: Episode 2

The challenge of producing for a better tomorrow

Learn how the tools that support digital transformation can also support initiatives related to sustainability goals, especially in times when the energy crisis is making it imperative to look at energy consumption in relation to production efficiency.

Discover how Danfoss and Factbird are addressing these challenges.

In this webinar Martin talked about: 

- How real-time data overview and analytics can help you derive new insights into resource and energy use of your production, and how that can be used to reduce waste.

- Tips regarding energy efficiency journey from Martin from Danfoss  

- The benefits of Digital Performance boards  

- Insight-reaction process based on real-time data  

- What are the system interlinks between electric consumption, production data, and predictive maintenance


Martin Ole Madsen Danfoss

Martin Ole Madsen

Operations Excellence Manager SVS EUR at Danfoss Power Solutions

Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time