Performance Dashboard

Access all essential production metrics in one place. Factbird's manufacturing KPIs dashboard helps you monitor performance trends, track KPIs, and make data-driven decisions.

See how you're doing, in real-time

Bring performance data on the factory floor and allow for it to be turned into actions.

Gain visibility into shift performance, check how you're tracking against targets and act with confidence supported by facts, available on the spot.

Manufacturing KPIs dashboard
Batch monitoring of manufacturing KPIs

Track performance batch-by-batch

Visualize real-time batch performance dashboards on your factory floor.

See the estimated time of completion of current batches and the blockers that drag performance down. Take action with confidence and efficiency.

Achieve pitstop precision in changeovers

Set specific targets, monitor changeover stages in real-time, and leverage trends for continuous improvement.

Uncover best practices and drive your team toward an optimized production line.

Batch manufacturing KPIs for production lines

Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time