Factbird for Operators

Make every shift a good shift

Streamline communication, save time with live flow data, and make each shift more efficient by meeting targets easier.
Identify and easily communicate production downtime to facilitate the path to efficiency.

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The Factbird solution

Drive continuous improvement towards your business goals!
Factbird lets you collect and analyze production data to optimize your operations.

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Straightforward use

Tasks are engineered to be performed with a minimum time to completion and minimum number of clicks.

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Task automation

Real-time production data and automatic stops registration.

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Real-time data

Instant access to actionable data and key performance indicators on all your lines, in one simple and intuitive application.

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Remote access

Simple and intuitive web-based application on any device, at any time.

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"Factbird has revolutionized our shift handovers by enabling us to focus on key aspects and fundamental problems. While it's challenging to delve into every machine detail within the limited timeframe, Factbird allows us to log these specifics for future reference."

Sebastian Pongrac
Industrial Engineer
Stop-Cause registration

Enjoy one-click reporting

Do away with tedious manual tasks and simplify your processes for streamlined, real-time communication.

Customizable stop-cause entries conveniently structured in categories, and color-coded make reporting a simple one touch selection.

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Performance tracking dashboards

See how you're doing, real-time

Bring performance data on the factory floor and allow for it to be turned into actions.

Gain visibility into batch performance, check how you're tracking against targets and act with confidence supported by facts, available on the spot.

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Andon Call

Get immediate help to save the day

Request help on the spot. Just hit the Andon call button and be assured that the right support is coming right away.

Color-coded options allow you to prioritize the importance of each call for more efficient resource planning.

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Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time