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Boost uptime and drive efficiency in machine utilization

Are you struggling to boost uptime and maximize equipment efficiency?
Get instant visibility into machines’ performance and learn how to improve your cycle times. Gain the knowledge to effectively act, preserving your equipment's optimal condition and mitigating avoidable expenses.

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The Factbird solution

Drive continuous improvement towards your business goals!
Factbird lets you collect and analyze production data to optimize your operations.

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Non-intrusive solution

An end-to-end solution that is retrofitted to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure.

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Compact IoT devices that can be installed anywhere in your factory.

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Remote access

Simple and intuitive web-based application on any device, at any time.

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Secure data

Advanced encryption and secure network communication ensure maximum protection of your data.

Live Flow Monitoring

Get real-time visibility into your equipment performance

Visualize your live output flow and the speed of your production cycles together with various other performance metrics to draw new learnings and maximize your uptime and production efficiency on all your lines.

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Predictive Maintenance

Take the pulse of your machine

Proactively monitor data from analog sensors on your critical equipment and detect problems before they happen. The system includes alarms to monitor your machine – from temperature to vibrations and sends notifications by SMS or e-mail if there are any irregularities or risk of developing a fault.

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Video Process Analysis

Put an end to the guessing game

No more guessing or sitting in control rooms watching screens to understand why the line stopped, just click on the datapoint, and watch the video.

You’ll get actual video footage of the line at the moment it stopped, to efficiently diagnose and fix the problem.

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Power BI dashboards

Get your made-to-measure performance reports

Maximize the value of your data with customized Power BI dashboards that are tailored to the specific roles and departments within your company

These dashboards provide convenient access to data that is reported in a way that is most relevant and useful to you, whether you need high-level analytics or detailed insights into shifts or batch performance.

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