Industrial energy monitoring devices for energy efficiency

Automatically monitor energy consumption and identify improvements. Factbird’s energy monitoring devices link energy consumption with production, providing you valuable insights into energy efficiency and ESG goals.

Factbird energy monitoring

"Another important point is that we can check if the production line is in standby mode. Surprisingly, even in standby mode, the energy consumption remains high. However, by implementing automatic machine shutdown, we can save a substantial amount of money on our electric bills."

Martin Ole Madsen
Operations Excellence Manager SVS EUR

Factbird energy monitoring devices

Gain valuable insights into power consumption with Factbird’s energy monitoring solutions to strengthen sustainability practices, improve ESG reporting, and reduce production costs strategically.

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Monitor energy usage

Analyze your site's production-oriented energy consumption in real time.

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Reduce costs

Make data-driven replace or repair decisions for energy-inefficient machines.

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Link sustainability and energy efficiency and use data to motivate change.

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Quick installation

Install Factbird in under an hour while production continues uninterrupted.

Clip on energy monitor

An easy plug-and-play clip on current transducer for conveniently tracking and monitoring the energy efficiency of your equipment.

This non-invasive energy monitoring solution can be installed on the phase wires that supply power to the machine.

Our standard current transducer sizes cover these maximum currents: 50A, 150A, 250A and 500A.


  • Analog sensor
  • Precision of ±1.5% of full-scale
  • Alarm option available

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Factbird DUO Device
Factbird DUP IIoT Gateway and a Siemens Energy Meter

Energy meter monitors

Factbird’s energy meter monitors offer high-precision power consumption monitoring, shedding light on usage while on standby or at various speed levels.

Our solution uses Siemens energy meters connected to Factbird Industrial IoT Gateways to calculate how much power is actually being used, taking into account power factor and changes in the machine's supply voltage.

Choose between direct monitoring for machines with current draws less than 80A and transformer monitoring for machines with higher current draws.


  • Digital sensor type
  • High precision - complies with accuracy class 1 (for active energy)

Download documents:

It's easy to install a Factbird clip-on energy monitor

Enjoy a quick demo of the Factbird clip-on energy monitor in action.

energy efficiency software

Utility monitoring software

Uncover efficiency opportunities by analyzing your equipment's utility consumption in relation to production performance with cloud based software.

Assess energy usage during equipment stand-by and during production. And examine any impacts of utility usage on product quality and understand resource demands at different production stages.

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Measure Utility usage in the Factbird Cloud Application
Energy consumption optimisation

Your complete energy monitoring system

Your solutions for the four phases of industrial energy consumption optimization:

Phase 1: Start collecting energy consumption data.

Phase 2: Connect energy consumption data with production data.

Phase 3: Assess production-based energy performance for inefficiencies.

Phase 4: Define improvement strategies.

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Enhance your production data collection with other useful products

Factbird DUO Product Image IIoT Gateway Device

Factbird® DUO

Factbird® DUO is a plug-and-play IIoT data gathering device that automatically supplies you with timely, trustworthy data in the Cloud using secure MQTT data transfer.

The flexible gateway device is compatible with all digital and analog sensors on the market, is easy to retrofit on your shop floor, and is designed to withstand industrial environments.

Factbird Manufacturing Intelligence Powered by OMRON PLC

Factbird® powered by OMRON

Getting PLC data in the cloud is easy with Factbird® Manufacturing Intelligence powered by OMRON.

Our robust PLC integrations take data from a variety of controller inputs and formats so you can easily monitor production to achieve data-driven operational excellence.

Factbird VIEW Manufacturing Production Monitoring Video Camera

Factbird® VIEW

High-quality video from Factbird® View provides unrivaled awareness of your manufacturing process without having to interface with SCADA or HMI systems.

With Factbird® VIEW, you can easily visually analyse stop causes by clicking on a data point in the Factbird® Cloud App and seeing the accompanying video clip.

Frequently Asked Questions

I require the utmost precision in energy measurements. Does your system cater to this?

Yes, we offer a specialized solution employing a power meter designed to furnish the highest level of accuracy attainable, complying with accuracy class 1, for precision-critical applications in energy measurements. For further information or specific use cases, we encourage you to consult the data sheet of the energy meter or request a personalized demo for guidance.

How accurate are the energy measurements?

Employing the clamp-on current transducer, our system delivers precise estimations of power consumption. However, accuracy is contingent on the specific transducer installed. For detailed specifications, we recommend consulting the component's datasheet that can be found in the 'Download documents' section on this page.

Can I monitor energy consumption in time through a KPI on my line's live page?

Yes, when a line is equipped with energy meters, one or multiple KPI representing energy consumption metrics can be visualized on the line overview page. For a comprehensive understanding or specific use cases, we encourage you to consult the user guide in the 'Download documents' or request a personalized demo.

Is it possible to measure multiple phases?

Absolutely, our offerings include solutions tailored for both single-phase and three-phase measurements.

Is it necessary to power off my machine during the installation of a clamp-on current transducer?

No, there's no need to power down your machine during inspallation. A clamp-on current transducer doesn't require power off because it measures the magnetic field around a conductor, eliminating the need for direct contact with live wires. This method ensures safety, convenience, and efficiency, as it allows for continuous system operation and real-time monitoring without disrupting the circuit.

Note, while the clamp-on current transducers offer this plung-and-play advantage, it's crucial for users to adhere to all safety guidelines when working around electricity, including using appropriate personal protective equipment and following organizational protocols.

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