Stop-cause Registration

Identify and document the root causes of production halts. Understand the 'why' behind downtime to prevent recurrence and improve overall operations.

Define your reporting framework

List the possible reasons for production stops and categorize them accordingly: periods of planned inactivity, non-productive activities such as training or scheduled maintenance, operational interruptions like changeovers or cleaning procedures, and unexpected shutdowns.

This built-in categorization framework, will help you measure more effectively the impact of each type of disruption on the overall efficiency of your equipment.

stop cause registration

Enjoy one-click reporting

Do away with tedious manual tasks and simplify your processes for streamlined, real-time communication.

With customizable stop-cause entries thoughtfully organized into categories and color-coded, reporting becomes an easy, one-touch action.

Spotlight on downtime causes

Visualize the causes for downtime on a pareto chart and uderstand both productivity impact and frequency.

Deep dive into the biggest issues and identify patterns that will help you problem solve and continuously improve the prodution process.

Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time