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Get a demo of Factbird's data-driven Manufacturing Intelligence solutions from one of our experts. Learn about our plug-and-play IIoT gateways, live production data, downtime analysis, energy consumption monitoring, timestamped videos, preventative maintenance, and much more.

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You'll see how you can:

  1. Get started quickly and simply with non-intrusive IIoT gateway devices.
  2. Align your organisation with accurate, real-time production data.
  3. Accurately track downtime and stop causes to strategically optimise.
  4. Automatically monitor energy consumption and identify improvements.
  5. Use timestamped video analysis to get a deeper understanding of issues.
  6. Reduce unexpected downtime with proactive equipment maintenance solutions.
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Effortless Data Capture and analysis

Why Factbird?

Imagine flipping a switch and immediately illuminating the dark corners of your manufacturing process. With Factbird, data capture is that simple. We offer:

  • Live OEE Tracking: Accurate, real-time data to evaluate Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • Post-Analysis: Utilize the captured data for insightful, actionable analytics.
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