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Improve performance.
Get actionable insights, instantly.

Are you under pressure to ramp up your production capabilities?

Take the pulse of your production, identify the causes for downtime, and set data-based targets to improve the performance of your production. Unlock the full potential of your production capabilities and drive ongoing improvement.

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The Factbird solution

Drive continuous improvement towards your business goals!
Factbird lets you collect and analyze production data to optimize your operations.

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Non-intrusive solution

An end-to-end solution that is retrofitted to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure.

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Effortless installation

Installation can be done in under 1 hour, while production continues uninterrupted.

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Real-time data

Real-time access to actionable data and key performance indicators on all your lines, in one simple and intuitive application.

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Scalable solution

Quick deployment to an unlimited number of lines and sites, ensuring uniform reporting across all locations.

"As soon as we installed Factbird, it instantly amazed us. We didn't expect such quick and positive results. Before Factbird, we often overlooked the significance of many small stops, but with its help, we realized that these short interruptions had a bigger impact on production than the longer stops."

Casper Levorsen
Production Technician

Gain real-time visibility

Enjoy immediate visibility across all your production lines with our plug and play solution.

In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to visualize your live output flow and track various KPIs – such as the number of products produced, stops, average stop length or longest stop time, cycle times and many more.

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Stop-cause registration

Reduce downtime losses

Simplify the process for your team on the factory floor. Cut out tedious manual tasks, and enable them to easily communicate stop causes with managers.

Enjoy rich data and actionable insights that let you get to the bottom of root causes and improve your uptime for business success.

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OEE analysis

Boost your overall equipment efficiency

Detect and address bottlenecks, inefficiencies, equipment failures, and quality issues while actively implementing measures to prevent their recurrence.

Built in OEE calculators deliver valuable insights into the performance of individual pieces of equipment, and your production process as a whole.

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Anchor your decisions in solid facts

Take the guesswork out of your production process.

Quickly and easily identify the root cause of stops by just clicking on the datapoint, and watch the video. You’ll get actual video footage of the line at the exact moment to diagnose and fix problems straight away.

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Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time