Factbird for Maintenance Managers

Fact-forward maintenance.
Prioritize efficiency.

Are you looking for a way to reduce the disturbance caused by equipment failures and it's impacts? Track production and equipment data and use it to identify patterns and optimize maintenance plans and schedules.

Get notified right on the spot with the necessary information for you to prioritize and save the day.

A maintenance manager using preventive and predictive equipment maintenance

See what you can do with Factbird

The Factbird solution

Drive continuous improvement towards your business goals!
Factbird lets you collect and analyze production data to optimize your operations.

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Non-intrusive solution

An end-to-end solution that is retrofitted to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure.

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Scalable solution

Quick deployment to unlimited number of lines and sites, ensuring uniform reporting across all locations.

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Straightforward use

Tasks are engineered to be performed with a minimum time to completion and minimum number of clicks.

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Secure data

Advanced encryption and secure network communication ensure maximum protection of your data.

"We are currently experiencing an extraordinary 13-day streak with 92% uptime on one of our production lines. It's truly astonishing when we consider the past performance of the line."

Casper Levorsen
Production Technician

Make informed decisions, quickly

Get access to valuable insights at the touch of a button!

With Factbird, time consuming data tag mapping is a thing of the past! Now you can quickly and easily identify bottlenecks and optimize your equipment uptime.

Enjoy convenient views and access insightful historical data to get to the bottom of root causes.

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Andon Dashboard

Offer support where the need is greatest

Color code and prioritize tickets with ease based on the level of urgency.

Easily track the status, see the reported and completion times, and add comments for better communication amongst stakeholders.

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Stay ahead of downtime with dynamic, data-driven maintenance scheduling

Factbird's Preventive Maintenance module transforms the way you manage your machinery by allowing you to synchronize your maintenance schedules with the actual production cycles, not just calendar time. Schedule repeating maintenance tasks dynamically based on machine use and make sure you get the most out of your machinery.

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Preventive maintenance software in Factbird
Predictive Maintenance

Take the pulse of your machinery

Detect and prevent problems before they happen!

React and respond to irregularities quickly and efficiently with analogue sensors and data that’s designed to monitor your critical equipment 24/7 and let you know if they’re developing a fault.

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Video- process analytics

Make fact-based decisions

Eliminate uncertainty in your maintenance operations.

Identify the underlying cause of interruptions with a simple click on the data point, and gain immediate access to corresponding video footage at the exact moment to diagnose and fix problems straight away.

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Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time