Transparency and traceability for a robust production process

Imagine being able to access all the data you need from your production lines without worrying about compliance with regulatory standards. Digitalize your production process and get all the information you need to make continuous improvements on all your lines, on all sites.

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Pharma production process

The Factbird solution

Drive continuous improvement towards your business goals!
Factbird lets you collect and analyze production data to optimize your operations.

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Non-intrusive solution

An end-to-end system that is retrofitted to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure.

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Scalable solution

Quick deployment to unlimited number of lines and sites, ensuring  uniform reporting across all locations.

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Straightforward use

Tasks are engineered to be performed with a minimum time to completion and minimum number of clicks.

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Secure data

Advanced encryption and secure network communication ensure maximum protection of your data.

OEE and KPI tracking

Get a clear picture based on reliable data

Instantly and easily access up-to-date OEE calculations, along with visualized performance metrics and production KPIs. Use these insights to optimize your production processes, reduce scrap, and increase production efficiency across all lines and all batches.

Stay informed and take action to continuously improve your operations and drive better results.

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process controls

Cut down production disruptions and maximize output

Automate quality control with scheduled checkpoints during production.

Collect and review batch-specific data to ensure compliance and track the parameters that are important to your business.

Identify and address any issues in real-time, to continuously improve the quality of your product and the efficiency of your process.

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Digital t-card system

Achieve excellence every day

Improve your production processes by tracking and visualizing factory floor activities with the digital t-card system application.

Easily prevent incomplete or forgotten tasks and identify processes that require more attention.

Make every day a perfect day with continuous improvement as your focus.

Power BI dashboards

Enjoy made-to-measure performance reports

Maximize the value of your data with customized Power BI dashboards that are tailored to the specific roles and departments within your company.

You’ll have access to data that is reported in a way that is most relevant and useful to you, whether you need high-level analytics or detailed insights into shift or batch performance.

With this customizable approach, you can get the data you need, in the format that works best for you.

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