Anticipate equipment issues and prevent costly downtime

Stay ahead of your equipment's health with Factbird's proactive maintenance monitoring. Mitigate the risk of unexpected breakdowns, reducing downtime and promoting smooth, uninterrupted production.

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The path to operational excellence

We are supporting you every step of the way as you work towards building a smart, digital factory.  Don’t miss out on the power of data-driven improvements and stay competitive in the Industry 4.0 landscape.

The Factbird solution

Drive continuous improvement towards your business goals!
Factbird lets you collect and analyze production data to optimize your operations.

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Non-intrusive solution

An end-to-end solution that is retrofitted to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure

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Scalable solution

Unlimited users and infinite digital and analog data inputs.

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Secure data

Advanced encryption and secure network communication ensure maximum protection of your data

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Fast installation

Installation can be done in under 1 hour, while production continues uninterrupted.


Empower your team with real-time support

Optimize communication and boost productivity with a real-time support tool for immediate help requests and efficient problem-solving.

Operators use Andon to signal urgent needs, while technicians use it to prioritize and manage tickets based on urgency.

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Preventive maintenance software in Factbird

Stay ahead of downtime with dynamic, data-driven maintenance scheduling

Factbird's Preventive Maintenance module transforms the way you manage your machinery by allowing you to synchronize your maintenance schedules with the actual production cycles, not just calendar time. Schedule repeating maintenance tasks dynamically based on machine use and make sure you get the most out of your machinery.

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Take the pulse of your machinery

Detect and prevent problems before they happen!

React and respond to irregularities quickly and efficiently with analogue sensors and data that’s designed to monitor your critical equipment 24/7 and let you know if they’re developing a fault.

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Transition from speculation to certainty

Say goodbye to guesswork and time spent identifying the issue or pursuing the wrong downtime causes.

With just one click on the relevant data point, you can instantly access video footage of the line at the moment it stopped or see what happened just beforehand.

Learn where to better use your time and increase efficiency and machinery uptime.

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Minimize maintenance expenses and optimize machine usage

Spot and address production hold-ups, inefficiencies, machinery breakdowns, and quality concerns, and actively implement strategies to avoid their reappearance.

Instant calculations of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) empower you to monitor the performance of every production line, shift, batch, or product.

Use these insights to make informed decisions, aiming to cut production expenses and enhance capacity utilization.

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"Factbird solved the problem of not knowing which stop cause was responsible. Now, we no longer have to guess between different causes."

Casper Levorsen
Production Technician

Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time