Tutorial videos

The Factbird tutorial series will help you learn how to use the Factbird software. Browse tutorial topics and let’s start watching!

1. Getting started

1.1 Hardware setup

1.2 Administration

1.3 System configuration

2. Track flow

2.1 Monitoring live production flow

2.2 Monitoring process data

3. Track stop reasons

Here's how to set up stop causes to start logging downtime with reasons and how to use various analytics to gain insights.  

3.1 Stop cause registration

3.2 Analytics

4. Setting targets and tracking live performance

4.1 Productivity alarm

4.2 Setting up and managing batches

5. Process performance, quality control and scrap analysis

5.1 Process controls

6. Automate preventitive and predictive maintenance

6.1 Preventive Maintenance

6.2 Andon

Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time