Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos

The Factbird tutorial series will help you learn how to use the Factbird software. Browse tutorial topics and let’s start watching!

Start watching the Factbird tutorial series

In this list, you will find tutorials by topic. On each topic, tutorial videos are grouped into two categories: All and Operator. Operators are normally the users without Administrator right on the Factbird software.

Track live output flow

Let’s track your production output flow in real time. Once you install a sensor, the sensor will automatically detect if your production line is running or not and visualize it on the Factbird software.

Analyze downtime

Downtime on your production line will be automatically detected by a sensor, but you may want to understand reasons for each downtime. Let’s start registering reasons for each stop and analyze your downtime.

Manage batches and track batch progress

If you run batches on your production line, you can use the Batch function on the Factbird software. You can analyze each batch’s efficiency and track batch progress in real time.

Analyze OEE – Overall Equipment Efficiency

OEE is a standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. On the Factbird software, OEE is automatically calculated and visualized in real time. If you have multiple machines or sites, you can also analyze consolidated OEE.

Use Andon – Help alert from shopfloor to Support and Maintenance team

Andon is a system which notifies the support team (e.g., Management, Maintenance team) of an issue or a problem in the shopfloor. Let’s start using Andon on the Factbird software.

Set up the basics on the Factbird Software

Set the validated speed and expected speed of your line, activate automatic stop detection, etc.

Use Administration page to manage sensors, users and lines

Issue a new user in your company, create a line with multiple sensors, understand the fine-grained access control on the Factbird software.

Watch more videos about smart data collection

Here you will find videos about sensors, how to configure sensors and capturing various signals.

Sensor setup and how to collect various signals

Install, configure and setup sensors for correct data collection.  Explore the Factbird capability of connecting various signals to the cloud software.

Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time