Getting Started

If you’re ready to collect your production data in real time, follow these four easy steps to get started.

1 - Install hardware

Approximately 1 hour

The video shows how to install Factbird Duo with a digital sensor. Experience the true plug and play installation. For installation with analog sensors or PLC cables, please visit the tutorial video page.

Install the data collection IoT device. Set up a sensor and plug into power.

2 - Set up the basics on the Factbird Software

Approximately 15 minutes

The videos show how to claim new devices and add sensors to the system, and how to grant new users access to the system within your organization.

Claim devices and add sensors.

Create new users.

3 - System configuration

Approximately 15 minutes

The videos show how to set up your line speed and enable auto stop detection. It also shows how to create a line with sensors and set up your shift schedule.

Set up sensor configuration.

Create your line with sensors.

Set up your shift schedule.

4 - Start using the Factbird software on daily operation

The Factbird tutorial series will help you to learn the software easily and effectively. Any manufacturing process can be improved with data. Let’s learn how to use the data!

Monitor live production flow.

Create stop categories and stop causes.

Log downtime reasons.

Understand Analytics page.

Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time