Process Controls

Process and quality checks that help track and optimize manufacturing operations and product quality

Master your process checks

Define metrics that are specific to certain stages of the production process, for example, when a batch or shift starts or ends, every hour on the name it.

Collect and aggregate all your batch-specific quality control data for review.

Process controls Factbird
Process controls Factbird

Set limits, trigger input, stay on top

Fix upper and lower limits for your measurements to ensure consistent product quality. If these limits are exceeded, a mandatory comment should be triggered and additional follow-up control checks can be automatically implemented. This will help you stay on top of your product quality.

Maximize efficiency and minimize redundancy

Schedule measurements at different intervals of production uptime. This will allow for the scheduled checks to be delayed in the event of a downtime, while still ensuring that all necessary measurements are taken.

Ensure that your measurement process is flexible and able to adapt to changes in production.

Process controls Factbird

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