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At Factbird, we revolutionize the world of manufacturing with our advanced digital solutions. Founded in Denmark, a land celebrated for its innovation and creative design, we have expanded our horizon across the globe, leaving a profound impact in Europe and the US. Our mission is to redefine the boundaries of manufacturing intelligence, promoting operational efficiency, enhanced process optimization, and sustainable practices.

Years in business

Established in 2016

Countries use Factbird

Factbird system is used globally in more than 25 countries.


Over 250 manufacturers rely on Factbird system every day.

who we are?

Deep roots within manufacturing

Factbird originated from the emendo consulting group, recognized for its prowess in lean manufacturing and process optimization. While our roots are deep in this heritage, we've charted our own unique course, standing at the forefront of manufacturing intelligence software today.

Our story is a narrative of ceaseless innovation, collaborative growth, and a resolute commitment to our customers. We've continually evolved, developing our product with our clients' feedback, establishing features and solutions that not only restructure industry operations but cement our position as a trailblazer in manufacturing technology.

the idea

The Factbird Story

We envision a future where manufacturing is an amalgamation of intelligence, sustainability, and efficiency. We leverage the potential of technology, converting data into insightful actions, enabling unparalleled visibility into manufacturing operations.

Every manufacturing challenge is an opportunity for us to innovate. Our solutions, conceived with the end-user in mind, ensure applicability and effectiveness at every stage of operation

Our promise extends beyond the software we create. We walk alongside our customers on their journey of digital transformation, providing not just a product, but a collaborative partnership.

“When it comes to driving digital transformation, the biggest challenge is not the technical aspect, it's changing human behaviour" by Finn Hunneche
embracing diversity

Inclusive and welcoming

At Factbird, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture of inclusivity and openness. We believe that every individual, regardless of their background or culture, brings a unique perspective that enriches our collective understanding and fuels our innovative spirit. Our workspace is an amalgamation of diverse thoughts, ideas, and experiences, woven together in a tapestry of respect and appreciation. We celebrate our differences and leverage them to drive growth and excellence in our work.

The Factbird team hanging out
The Factbird team looking at a laptop
inspiring success

Collaboration and communication

At the heart of Factbird lies a down-to-earth, collaborative spirit. We understand the value of co-working and the synergy it brings to any project. We uphold a workspace that thrives on open communication and easy interactions across all departments. We maintain a fun-filled environment, keeping the stress at bay, and the spirits high. It's not just about shared responsibilities at Factbird; it's about shared ambitions, shared victories, and a shared sense of belonging. Together, we strive to make Factbird a place where everyone feels valued, heard, and excited to contribute to our shared goal of transforming the manufacturing industry.

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Factbird is a company anchored in strong, shared values.

We got together as a team to formalise our shared values in 2023. You can see how the workshop went in the video below.

The team behind Factbird

Management team

Søren Traumer Schønnemann

Chief Commercial Officer & Partner
Sales and marketing

Zoe Josefine Karasch

Sales Manager

Amalie Malling

Head of Communications & Marketing

Anders Rosengaard Holmenlund

Sales Manager - Nordics

Salman Rehan

Senior Account Executive - US

Michael William Arrowsmith

Account Executive UK & Ireland

Magnus Windeløv

Senior Growth Manager
finance and human resource
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product development
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Student assistants and Interns
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