Alarms and Analog Sensors

Stay informed about the critical parameters of your production line. Instant alarm notifications and sensor readings help to avoid production disturbances and maintain optimal operations.

Take the pulse of your machinery

Detect and prevent problems before they happen!

React and respond to irregularities quickly and efficiently with analog sensors. Get the data you need to monitor the condition of your critical equipment 24/7 and asses when faults are developing.

Analog Sensors Factbird
Analog Sensors Factbird

Stay ahead of issues

Keep process running smoothly. Proactively detect and prevent disruptions with our analog sensor data collection.

Receive alerts via email or SMS when problems are detected based on temperature, humidity, pH levels, pressure, or other factors that might signal process deviations causing quality issues.

Optimize consumption and cut costs with precision

Track your utility consumption in real-time. Identify inefficiencies and streamline the usage of key resources such as electricity, water, gas, and compressed air.

With immediate, detailed data at your fingertips, you can effectively reduce waste, cut costs, and enhance sustainability in your manufacturing operations.

The energy Meter dashboard in Factbird.

Manufacturers turn to Factbird to gain factory floor insights in real time