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Make data-driven decisions, spot opportunities, reduce inefficiency, increase output, and enjoy transparency across all departments and sites.

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Plug-and-play data collection

Production data collection made easy

Factbird® DUO collects live production data securely and reliably with minimal setup required:

  • Install Factbird Duo on the line.
  • Setup sensor and connect to Factbird Duo.
  • Configure the sensor in the Factbird Cloud Application.
  • Setup line in Factbird and you're ready to monitor and analyze.

"When we started using the system, we were ranging anywhere from 60 to 65% OEE. Right now, we're averaging anywhere from 80 to 85% OEE."
- Robert Marquez, Plant Manager at Raymundos.

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Factbird DUO Device
Factbird OEE Manufacturing Dashboard and G2 Best Usability and Setup
data-driven operational excellence

Here's why you should try Factbird

Imagine flipping a switch and immediately illuminating the hidden potential of your manufacturing operations. With Factbird, data capture and analysis is that simple.

  • Get accurate, real-time production data with minimal setup.
  • Combine all machine data in one system with one common language.
  • Combine different data types for a complete view of your operations.
  • Get immediate alerts for any production stops to keep things running smoothly.
  • Reduce waste and increase efficiency with a short path to full ROI.

"We are currently on a 13-day streak with 92% uptime on one of our lines, which is crazy to think about, considering how it has been in the past."
- Casper Levorsen, Production Technician at Sintex A/S.

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Production and OEE monitoring

Still not convinced? Watch teh demo below to see how you can can monitor, view, and analyze your manufacturing data in real-time with Factbird.

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