Factbird Manufacturing Intelligence powered by OMRON PLCs

Seamlessly send PLC data to the cloud with Factbird for complete visibility of production performance and data-driven operational excellence.

Factbird Manufacturing Intelligence OMRON NX1 with two Sensors

Send PLC data to the Cloud with ease

Factbird Manufacturing Intelligence powered by OMRON offers a complete solution for enabling data-driven decision making.

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Fast installation

Use OMRON PLCs to send data directly to the Factbird Cloud Application with minimal setup.

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PLC data is automatically analyzed and visualized, enabling data-driven decisions.

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Gather and analyze data from various manufacturing processes with the same standard in the cloud.

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Secure data

Advanced encryption and secure network communication ensure maximum protection of your data.

Why choose Factbird powered by OMRON?

  • Easy PLC integration
    PLC data goes straight from the controller to the cloud, skipping various automation layers.
  • Data-driven operational excellence
    Factbird's manufacturing intelligence software is ready to use with OMRON PLCs, giving you instant access to innovative software tailored to operational excellence for manufacturers.
  • Scalable production data integration
    The OMRON PLC integration accommodates numerous inputs and various types of data from controllers. Make use of production counts, scrap data, batch information, energy consumption, and process parameters such as pressure and vibration.
Factbird DUO Device
OMRON NX1 PLC Data Collection with Sensors

Factbird powered by OMRON features

  • Connect an unlimited number of sensors and lines
  • Customizable
  • Edge intelligence
  • Cellular (4G LTE, 3G, 2G), dual-band WiFi, and ethernet connectivity
  • Connect peripherals such as a barcode reader, video monitoring system, and motion controllers

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See how Factbird powered by OMRON makes maufacturers more efficient

Factbird powered by OMRON makes it easy to collect production data to calculate uptime, waste, OEE, and more to improve productivity. Start making data-driven improvements and make your manufacturing operations more efficient.

Three options for collecting PLC data with Factbird powered by OMRON

PLC Data Collection Option Factbird OMRON NX1 box

Factbird IIoT box with OMRON NX1

A pre-configured IoT box with multiple inputs using I/O link master. Suitable for those who don’t want to interfere with their current setup.

PLC Data Collection Option Generic PLC and OMRON PLC

Existing PLCs and OMRON NX1

An OMRON controller is connected to your existing machine controllers. Suitable for those who want their existing PLC data available in the cloud.

PLC Data Collection Option OMRON PLC


OMRON controller serving as the main controller of a machine. Suitable for those who have an OMRON PLC and want the data available in the cloud.

Factbird powered by OMRON

Factbird powered by OMRON PLC Data collection process

Typical setup for PLC data collection

Typical PLC Data collection process

Enhance your production data collection with useful add-ons

Factbird DUO Product Image IIoT Gateway Device

Factbird® DUO

Factbird® DUO is a plug-and-play IIoT data gathering device that automatically supplies you with timely, trustworthy data in the Cloud using secure MQTT data transfer.

The flexible gateway device is compatible with all digital and analog sensors on the market, is easy to retrofit on your shop floor, and is designed to withstand industrial environments.

Factbird Energy Monitors Product Image for power consumption analysis

Energy meters

Connect an energy meter to any Factbird® device and get the insights you need to lower power usage and enhance production efficiency.

Easily monitor your energy consumption during standby or at various performance levels with standard energy meters or select Factbird® solutions.

Factbird VIEW Manufacturing Production Monitoring Video Camera

Factbird® VIEW

High-quality video from Factbird® View provides unrivaled awareness of your manufacturing process without having to interface with SCADA or HMI systems.

With Factbird® VIEW, you can easily visually analyse stop causes by clicking on a data point in the Factbird® Cloud App and seeing the accompanying video clip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Factbird mitigate the impact of network disruptions on data integrity and reliability?

Factbird incorporates features to mitigate the impact of network disruptions on data integrity and reliability. MQTT supports Quality of Service (QoS) levels that allow for different levels of reliability in message delivery. Factbird can configure the appropriate QoS level, ensuring that messages are reliably delivered even in the presence of intermittent network connectivity. MQTT's built-in mechanisms for message persistence and retention further enhance data integrity and reliability.

Can I choose between a general or private Factbird cloud platform for storing my PLC data?

Factbird offers the flexibility to choose between a general or private cloud platform for storing your PLC data. The general cloud platform allows you to leverage Factbird's infrastructure, ensuring ease of use and scalability. If you have specific security or compliance requirements, Factbird also provides a private cloud platform option. This enables you to have dedicated and isolated cloud resources for enhanced data privacy and control.

How scalable is Factbird for large manufacturing operations with multiple PLC systems?

Factbird is designed to be scalable and can handle large manufacturing operations with multiple PLC systems. It can accommodate a high volume of data and supports the simultaneous communication of multiple clients with the MQTT broker. As the manufacturing operation expands, Factbird can scale to meet the increased data transmission requirements efficiently.

How does Factbird facilitate data transmission from PLCs to the cloud via MQTT?

If you want to send data from one of your PLCs to the cloud using MQTT and Factbird, Factbird creates a unique client ID for the PLC. You are provided with the broker address and a detailed example of the MQTT topic that needs to be published or subscribed to. This allows the PLC to establish a connection with the broker and seamlessly transmit data to the cloud for further analysis and monitoring.

What kind of support is available for troubleshooting and technical issues with the hardware?

Our support team is always available to help you. We also have a troubleshooting hardware guide that you can access here.

How is the data transferred from the sensors to the Factbird hardware?

Sensors are connected by cable to the Factbird devices. The Factbird devices send data to the cloud through a mobile phone connection or via WiFi or Ethernet (only for Factbird Omron NX1).

What types of sensors are compatible with Factbird?

Factbird can connect to both analog and digital sensors. Factbird was developed to allow the use of many types of sensors depending on customers' specifications.

Any digital sensor that outputs NPN or PNP signal is supported, by default, it is possible to have two sensors simultaneously connected to a single Factbird® DUO.

You can find a sensor overview guide here.

What components are included in the Factbird hardware package?

The package includes, besides the device, the power supply and the power cable.

Does Factbird require an internet connection to function?

Yes. To get the data in the cloud you can connect via Wi-Fi or 4G through SIM Card.

What temperature range can Factbird be installed in?

Please see Data sheets

How do I know if I can use a Factbird for my production line?

Factbird only requires a small amount of space and a power socket. It requires 3 mm distance between the objects that run on the production line to be able to sense them.

Can the user install Factbird? Or does it need to be installed by a service engineer?

Factbird is user installable, no technical assistance is required.

How long does it take to install a Factbird?

It normally takes less than one hour from opening the package to being able to see data.

What kind of power supply does Factbird require?

100-240V, 50-60Hz.

What kinds of sensors can be connected to a Factbird?

Factbird can connect to both analog and digital sensors. Factbird was developed to allow the use of many types of sensors depending on customer's specifications.

Does Factbird come with its own sensors, or do I need to connect external sensors?

Factbird works with off-shelf external sensors, you can use your own if you have any, alternatively, we can provide them.

How do I purchase a Factbird?

If you want to purchase a Factbird, you simply contact us and we’ll help you through the process, making sure you get exactly what you need. You can either fill out a contact form or send an email to a member of our staff directly. You are also welcome to call us. You’ll find all of our contact information under contact.

How do I install Factbird

This video shows how to install Factbird hardware. It is easy and fast to install Factbird, production data collection IIoT device. Factbird can be up and running in 5 minutes. Experience the true plug-and-play installation.

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