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Boost your operations with streamlined manufacturing intelligence. Benefit from easy setup, real-time analysis, and higher productivity.

Factbird OEE Manufacturing Dashboard and G2 Best Usability and Setup
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”We went from having zero data to having a fairly substantial amount of data in about two weeks.“

Watch the case study to find out how Johnnie Green, Vice President of Operations at SIP Manufacturing, uses Factbird to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Your plug-and-play manufacturing intelligence solution

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No equipment upgrades required
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No IT integrations necessary   
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Production remains uninterrupted
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Collect data

Send real-time data to the cloud with Industrial IoT Devices or directly from your PLCs.

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Identify bottlenecks

Visualize and analyze data with live graphs, stop-cause reporting, and OEE monitoring.

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Optimize production

Improve your manufacturing performance with accurate real-time and historical data.

#1 Manufacturing Intelligence Software for Usability and Setup

Factbird best in manufacturing intelligence G2 best usabilityFactbird high performer in manufacturing intelligence G2Factbird best in manufacturing intelligence G2 Easiest Setup
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Explore Factbird's Manufacturing Intelligence Solution

See how you can collect data automatically from any machine or process, identify and stop all areas of downtime to monitor and optimize your production with confidence.

Factbird DUO Device

Automatic data collection

Factbird devices simplify manufacturing data collection by automatically gathering data from sensors of your choice. The collected data is securely sent to the cloud where it is transformed into real-time actionable insights.

  • Effortless installation in under 1 hour
    Non-intrusive solution that can be installed in no time, without causing interruptions or downtime.
  • No IT integrations necessary
    Streamlined implementation, allowing for quick and efficient deployment without system overhauls.
  • Data is safely kept and transmitted
    Advanced encryption and secure network communication protocols to ensure the utmost security and safeguard your valuable information.
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Monitoring production line packaging

Real-time OEE monitoring

Factbird's OEE and Production Monitoring brings transparency to your production line, helping you identify downtime causes and make impactful improvements.

  • Real-time OEE metrics
    Get instant clarity on your production line efficiency
  • Downtime analytics
    Understand the why behind downtimes and strategize to minimize them
  • Impactful improvements
    Data-driven decisions for a more efficient and productive operation
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Video monitoring of manufacturing for visual analysis

Video monitoring

Factbird brings visual analytics to your production line, offering a new perspective to understand operations better and drive meaningful improvements.

  • Visual Monitoring
    Witness your production processes in a new, informative light
  • Advanced analytics
    Comphrehensive data for a deeper understanding and effective improvements
  • Insightful improvements
    Use data to drive strategic decisions that positively impacts operations
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Factbird helping ensure optimal quality and streamlined operations

Process optimization

With Factbird, discover the potential for improvement in your manufacturing processes, ensuring optimal quality and streamlined operations.

  • Quality improvement
    Identify areas for quality enhancement and drive excellence
  • Process simplification
    Streamline your operations for better efficiency and productivity
  • Effective decisions
    Use insights to make decisions that boost overall performance
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A maintenance manager using preventive and predictive equipment maintenance

Proactive equipment maintenance

Factbird makes proactive equipment maintenance easier, reducing unexpected downtime and promoting consistent productivity.

  • Proactive maintenance
    Plan and execute preventative maintenance seamlessly
  • Reduced downtime
    Prevent unexpected disruptions and keep the production line moving
  • Optimal productivity
    Maintain equipment health for smoother operations and better output
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Operators looking at the live graph of reosurce usage

Utility and resource monitoring

Factbird's utility monitoring helps you keep track of your energy and resource usage, enabling you to make smarter, more sustainable decisions.

  • Real-time monitoring
    Track energy and resource usage as it happens
  • Usage optimization
    Identify wastage, improve effiency, and reduce costs
  • Sustainable decisions
    Make choices that are good for your business and great for the planet
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Why Factbird?

Without Factbird

  • Limited production insights
  • Manual data collection
  • Outdated information
  • Decisions based on hunches
  • Difficulty finding bottlenecks
  • Wasted production resources

With Factbird

  • Real-time production insights
  • Automated data collection
  • Accurate, up-to-date data
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Quickly tackle bottlenecks
  • Optimized resource usage

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