Reach your manufacturing excellence goals with ease

Are you unsure of where to begin your digitalization journey or simply looking for ways to improve your manufacturing process?

With Factbird you can easily and affordably extract valuable insights from your production data without the need for expensive equipment or massive system overhauls.

The path to operational excellence

We are supporting you every step of the way as you work towards building a smart, digital factory. Don’t miss out on the power of data-driven improvements and stay competitive in the Industry 4.0 landscape.

Your plug-and-play manufacturing intelligence solution

No equipment upgrades required
No IT integrations necessary   
Production remains uninterrupted

Collect data

Send real-time data to the cloud with Industrial IoT Devices or directly from your PLCs.

Identify bottlenecks

Visualize and analyze data with live graphs, stop-cause reporting, and OEE monitoring.

Optimize production

Improve your manufacturing performance with accurate real-time and historical data.


Transform production monitoring in one simple step

Simply connect one sensor to the bottleneck area of your line to count and time-stamp the flow of products. With just one data input you'll get detailed information about your production line and  be able to track performance over time.


Prioritize your efforts and make an impact

Enable factory floor operators to report stop causes with ease, using structured categories and color codes for simplified communication.

Use the pareto chart to understand the underlying reasons for downtime and prioritize your efforts. You can then  track progress over time with the scatter plot feature.


Stay on track with real-time performance tracking

Empower everyone on the factory floor with real-time visibility into current batch completion times and changeover performance. Eliminate guesswork and provide instant feedback to enable timely adjustments and performance improvements.

With clear insights, your team can confidently act and make necessary changes to stay on track and optimize performance.


Expand your data insights and optimize your process

Take your production to the next level and account for rejects automatically. Further digitalize your quality checks and accurately track defects in your performance evaluation.

Get clear insights into your production process down to the batch or product level.


Anticipate and prevent machinery breakdowns

Foresee and resolve potential equipment issues before they occur. This means fewer surprises, less downtime, and more focus on what matters: smooth and efficient operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the data transferred from the sensors to the Factbird hardware?

Sensors are connected by cable to the Factbird devices. The Factbird devices send data to the cloud through a mobile phone connection or via WiFi or Ethernet (only for Factbird Omron NX1).

How can I log on the portal and view the data from my Factbird?

If you are already Factbird user and want to access the Factbird portal to view your production data, you can log in on this website (you’ll find a log in button at the top right corner).

How many accounts can we obtain to access to the software?

As many as you want.

What happens if I forget my password?

You can reset your password on the log-in page.

Can I access the cloud on smartphones or tablets?

Yes, you can view the data directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Can I access the cloud remotely, even when I'm not on-site?

Yes, you can access the cloud at anytime from anywhere.

How is the collected data secured?

We use SSL encrypted connections which is the same level of security used by online banks. Factbird never sends or receives sensitive information in plain text.

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"When we can trust and depend on our data, that's when the real work starts. Instead of wasting hours trying to make sense of it, Factbird allows us to focus our time and effort on tasks that bring value to our business."

Mikkel Rauff Winther Simonsen
Group Performance Manager
Scandi Standard

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