Improving OEE by 20% within the calendar year

McBride User Story: Improving OEE by 20% within the calendar year
McBride Denmark
July 4, 2023

About McBride

McBride is a mid-sized, high-tech manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Private Label and Contract manufactured products for the domestic household and professional cleaning and hygiene markets.

It has been important for McBride to optimize production and gain a transparent overview of its production lines, ensuring increased OEE and continuous improvements.

Challenges and decision making

Before implementing Factbird, McBride was having difficulty gaining an overview of the performance of their production lines on a day-to-day level.

Additionally, operators typed in stop codes through an SAP solution. McBride needed a user-friendly and fast system to pinpoint stop causes and problem areas without increasing complexity and workload.

Before we had an SAP solution where Operators needed to type in stop codes manually. With Factbird, they're pushing buttons on the dashboards, visualizing the stop-causes immediately.
Lars Tegner Bjerre - Plant Manager at McBride

Implementation Phase

McBride installed Factbird® DUO across all lines in their factory in Denmark. After a short 3.5 hours, every line was up and running.

As Factbird does not interfere with existing IT systems but operates in parallel, McBride was able to collect and review their data instantly.

Application Areas

By simply installing the Factbird system, McBride was able to minimize the stop-reporting process by enabling stop-cause dashboards, allowing operators to push configured stop-code buttons instead of manually typing in stop codes in their SAP system.

McBride’s operators were able to get quick overviews of which lines were on target and which ones were not, allowing them to quick overviews of which lines were on target and which were not, allowing them to pinpoint each line's problem areas.

Additionally, production managers created a daily management screen to visualize data and create daily reports on the ten most common codes to address. Powered with data, both the managers and operators were able to understand their capabilities and gain full transparency over their production lines.

This simple yet effective visualization of data further propelled their journey towards a smarter, digitalized factory.

Performance Impacts

McBride is still in the early phases of using the Factbird system, but by fully embracing the system, the production team at McBride now has the data they need to make continuous improvements.

Having already experienced a 4% boost in their OEE, McBride is expecting to improve OEE by an additional 20% within the next calendar year.

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