Globus Wine's teams follow a common goal with unified manufacturing KPIs

Globus Wine: Synchronized Teams Create Huge Success by Using Factbird Live Production Status
Globus Wine
August 2, 2021
Food & Beverage
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About Globus Wine

Globus Wine, the market leader in the bag-in-box segment in Scandinavia, northern Germany, and the Baltic regions, are using Factbird to monitor their filling lines of wine production. This company’s competitive edge is producing high-quality wine products with cutting-edge production technology and highly trained staff that knows the production processes, the equipment, and the IT system.

Challenges and Decision Making

Globus Wine has many customers with varying needs and requirements. While they need to meet numerous requirements, they focus on providing high-quality products at a competitive price. However, it can be challenging to meet diverse customer requirements and run the production efficiently simultaneously.

Globus Wine introduced the Factbird's Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions on five of their filling lines wanting to efficiently monitor the production progress and production efficiency anywhere, anytime.

The data collected is archived and visualised in the Factbird Cloud Application, making it easier to monitor the 24/7 production as it makes it possible to monitor the real-time status remotely, even during nights and weekends.

Additionally, they began using manufacturing KPI visualisations in Factbird's Performance Dashboard, which provides a real-time overview of batch/shift progress in the Factbird application. Globus Wine then put up a flat screen in their production site to display the Dashboard.

The Solution and Result

Peter Bredvig, COO of Globus Wine in 2019, who was responsible for the supply chain management and business improvement, contacted the Factbird team. He inquired about the possibility of displaying the production progress of multiple lines on the same flat screen.

For Globus Wine, production efficiency is the key success factor for the company. Peter knew displaying the live production progress would raise everyone’s awareness about what is happening during production. Thus, eventually helping manufacturing run more efficiently.

Peter’s idea has been implemented as a new feature in the Batch/Shift Dashboard, which can now split the screen to display multiple lines’ live status while it updates automatically in real-time.

Furthermore, as the Factbird solution is cloud-based, the screen can be displayed anywhere: on the shop floor, in the maintenance team’s room, in the plant manager’s room, etc.

Today at Globus Wine, the production progress and efficiency are visualized and followed by everyone in the company. Sales & Marketing staff can also follow the production status easily on the screen, thereby having a deeper understanding of what is happening on the shop floor.

This process creates a motivational factor, provided by the dashboard on the shop floor, as everyone in the company is more aware of the importance of running production efficiently.

Being able to share the live production status across the company creates better communication and connects everyone to a common goal.

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