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Gather, manage, analyze your production data from any machine or process to improve operations. Empower everyone on the shop floor to be in tune with how production is actually running.

Here's what we'll cover in the trial setup call:

  1. Your goals and current challenges
  2. Your team’s processes and workflows
  3. Your tech stack and needs
  4. An overview of Factbird and specific features for you
  5. Q&A

After the call, we'll ship the Factbird trial box that contains everything you need to get started.

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Factbird DUO Device
Factbird® DUO

Simple installation in 15 minutes

Setting up Factbird is easy due to the plug-and-play functionality. This is how you get started:

  • Install Factbird Duo on the line
  • Setup sensor and connect to Factbird Duo
  • Claim device and configure sensor in the system
  • Setup line in the system and you're ready to monitor

"When we started using the system, we were ranging anywhere from 60 to 65% OEE. Right now, we're averaging anywhere from 80 to 85% OEE."

Robert Marquez, Plant Manager at Raymundos.

Effortless Data Capture and analysis

Why try the Factbird trial program

Imagine flipping a switch and immediately illuminating the dark corners of your manufacturing process. With Factbird, data capture is that simple. We offer:

  • Get accurate, real-time performance data
  • Combine all machine data, old and new, in one place
  • Set up quickly and simply with Edge devices in 15 minutes
  • See your operations' performance clearly in real-time and historically
  • Get immediate alerts for any production stops to keep things running smoothly.

"We are currently on a 13-day streak with 92% uptime on one of our lines, which is crazy to think about, considering how it has been in the past."

Casper Levorsen - Production Technician at Sintex A/S

See how Factbird works in 4 minutes

Take a quick tour of Factbird to find out how our popular manufacturing intelligence solutions can help you improve your processes.

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