The best production tracking software for manufacturers

Think world-class data collection and analysis are too costly for your lines? Think again. Factbird makes manufacturing production tracking easy with non-intrusive, plug-and-play solutions.

The best production tracking software for manufacturers

Reduce downtime and waste with accurate production tracking

Produce more, reduce costs, and increase profits with real-time production analysis. Get started with Factbird in a few easy steps to start collecting production data and enjoy immediate results.

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Plug-and-play data

An end-to-end solution that you can install in under one hour.

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Global alignment

Get your entire team aligned behind efficiency KPIs in one system.

Secure data

Advanced encryption ensures maximum protection for your production data.

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Stay competitive

Reduce operational costs and cost per unit to stay ahead of the competition.

”It didn't require large servers. It was very easy to install, very easy to use“

Factbird’s production tracking solutions are a no-brainer for your business. Watch the case story below to find out how Roberto Marquez, Plant Manager at Raymundos, increased OEE by 20 points.

Get more out of your existing equipment

The pressure on manufacturers to cut costs and increase output is higher than ever. You need a production tracking solution that is easy to setup, easy to use, and quick to prove ROI.

  • Non-intrusive hardware
    Factbird® DUO and Factbird® OMRON NX1 are non-intrusive solutions that are easy to retrofit on production lines without causing downtime.
  • Actionable metrics
    Immediately start collecting production metrics with live production data, stop-cause registration, OEE analysis, energy consumption, and more.
  • Organisational alignment
    From the shop floor to the board room, align your entire organization behind the production KPIs that matter and reap the rewards.
Factbird DUO Industrial IoT Gateway Full Kit

A proven solution for improving OEE

We make it easy to track production, analyze OEE, and take action. Start making data-driven improvements and stay competitive in a continually changing manufacturing landscape.

  • Accurate data
    Automatically track production and simplify stop-cause registration for your team on the shop floor.
  • Resolve bottlenecks
    Built-in OEE calculators deliver valuable insights on equipment and your performance as a whole.
  • More good days
    Have more good days by fostering a laser focus on improving equipment effectiveness.

"With Factbird we have improved our OEE by 27%. The monthly production reports boost our confidence in decision-making, and the operators appreciate being able to easily monitor their shift performance using Factbird's user-friendly cloud application."

Miguel Rodriguez
Operations Manager

Trusted by hundreds of manufacturers.
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