Factbird Launches Innovative Preventive Maintenance Module in the Factbird Cloud Application

Factbird unveils its latest feature, the Preventive Maintenance Module, set to improve equipment maintenance practices and enhance operational efficiency.

Factbird launches Preventive Maintenance Module

Factbird, the leader in Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions, proudly unveils its latest feature – the Preventive Maintenance Module – set to improve equipment maintenance practices and enhance operational efficiency within manufacturing facilities.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – August 29, 2023. 

In manufacturing, the challenges of unplanned downtime, over-maintenance, and resource waste are persistent and costly issues. Often, maintenance tasks are scheduled based on calendar time rather than actual equipment usage, leading to unnecessary downtime and suboptimal maintenance scheduling. Additionally, technician shortages result in prolonged downtimes as operators wait for their intervention.

Precision Through Data-Driven Maintenance

Factbird's Preventive Maintenance Module addresses manufacturing maintenance challenges head-on. By enabling maintenance managers to schedule tasks based on counted cycles as well as calendar time, maintenance managers can allocate tasks more efficiently.

Scheduling maintenance based on counted cycles and actual usage is advantageous because it reduces the likelihood of over- or under-maintenance, saving resources and reducing unplanned downtime.

More Efficiency: Empowering Operator-Driven Maintenance

Factbird's Preventive Maintenance Module aligns with manufacturing’s shift towards operator-driven maintenance. Thanks to the simplicity of Factbird’s Cloud Application, maintenance managers can utilize operators and technicians time more effectively by assigning more tasks to operators.

The shift toward operator-driven maintenance streamlines technician workflows, allowing them to focus on complex tasks, ultimately leading to the on-time completion of more maintenance tasks.

A Plug-and-Play Solution for Precise Maintenance

Factbird's Preventive Maintenance Module stands out as the fastest route to valuable preventive maintenance. This plug-and-play solution seamlessly integrates with live production data from Factbird’s Industrial IoT edge devices, eliminating the need for manual cycle counts or intricate CMMS-PLC data integrations, a common headache with traditional systems.

Benefits: Improved Efficiency, Faster Problem Resolution,Operator Empowerment

  • Precision Maintenance: Schedule tasks based on actual machine usage, not theoretical estimations.
  • Real-time Analytics: Swiftly create maintenance jobs from downtime analysis to prevent disruptions.
  • Simplified Overview: Maintain an organized list of pending and completed maintenance tasks.
  • Downtime Prevention: Proactively address maintenance needs to avoid unplanned downtimes.
  • Overdue Work Warnings: Receive alerts for pending tasks to ensure timely action.

Discover Factbird: Making Manufacturing Smarter

Factbird is at the forefront of Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions, dedicated to elevating operational excellence through simple, plug-and-play solutions. Through data-driven insights and innovative technology, Factbird helps businesses optimize operations, minimize downtime, and enhance productivity. ThePreventive Maintenance Module is a testament to Factbird's commitment to providing manufacturers with easier access to their operational excellence goals.

US Media Contact:

Søren Traumer Schønnemann, CCO & Partner, Factbird

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