Factbird earns #1 spot for Usability and Implementation for Manufacturing Intelligence on G2

Factbird is proud to receive the #1 spot in Usability and Implementation for Manufacturing Intelligence Software in G2's Winter 2024 report.

The Factbird team happy about their winter 2024 G2 Badges

19 December 2023

At Factbird, we are committed to delivering plug-and-play manufacturing intelligence that drives operational excellence. Our ability to simplify data collection and analysis has helped us stand out from the competition, and it’s a part of our offering that we really cherish. So we are excited to announce that our solutions have won multiple G2 2024 Manufacturing Intelligence Software Awards.

G2 is the world's largest peer-reviewed software platform, with over 90 million buyers visiting each year. Its quarterly reports are as popular in the B2B sphere as Spotify Wrapped is for music lovers. The review platform ranks products using verifiably authentic reviews, with an emphasis on recency.

Factbird is proudly ranked #1 across two categories for G2’s Winter 2024 report:

  • #1 Best in Manufacturing Intelligence for Usability
  • #1 Best in Manufacturing Intelligence for Implementation

Digging deeper into the report, we can see from user reviews that:

  • 95% of users find Factbird easy to use and install.
  • 96% of users love our real-time production data feature.
  • 100% of users believe we're heading in the right direction.
  • 92% of users are likely to recommend Factbird to a friend or colleague.
  • 95% of users are satisfied with Factbird’s support efforts.

“Efficiency is the biggest problem in manufacturing,” said Søren Schønneman, CCO and Partner at Factbird. “If your production is subpar, orders aren’t met, you spend too much on new equipment, you need to hire more people, your carbon footprint is too large, and you’re losing money.

“What makes Factbird different is that we make it easy to gather data and deliver operational excellence. We help companies increase output, reduce waste, make smarter decisions, change culture on the shopfloor, and increase their chances of long-term survival in the dog-eat-dog world of manufacturing.”

Here is what three G2 reviewers had to say about Factbird:

  • “Factbird is especially user-friendly and you quickly learn to navigate the program's features. One of the big advantages, from my point of view, is the ability to customize the dashboard, so whether you are an operator, technician, or manager, you can set it up to your own preferences and thereby keep an eye on your individual KPIs.”
    Emil F., Mid-Market (51–1000 employees)
  • “We use factbird cameras and sensors every day in all parts of our production, because of the easy setup. If we have a machine breakdown, we quickly install a new camera or sensor and immediately know that if it ever happens again we will know why. We have also just installed electricity measurement devices all over our production, to save power when the machines are not producing goods.”
    David B., Mid-Market (51–1000 employees)
  • “The live virtual production lines and the machine OEE keep operations on track. We now have the visibility to check batch progress. In total we have reduced the number of steps in our process by 60%, reduced operator travel and our data collection is now 85% more automated than before. We now have a fully closed-loop system where anybody can see what is happening in our manufacturing plant at any time.”
    Verified User in Plastics, Mid-Market (51–1000 employees)

“Representing a vote of confidence from our users, this recognition is especially great to receive as this is just the beginning for us. We’ll only get better thanks to the recent $16 million funding round involving UK-based Expedition and the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark,” said Peter Savnik, CPO and Partner at Factbird. “There’s a lot more to come in terms of product development and commercial expansion.”

According to G2, qualifying for inclusion in the Manufacturing Intelligence category requires the ability to:

  • Gather manufacturing data from all systems and locations involved in production.
  • Provide features to clean and structure manufacturing data to make it easier to use.
  • Deliver relevant information to the employees and managers involved in production.
  • Analyze production data in real time and alert users based on predefined rules.
  • Monitor KPIs and metrics for quality management, productivity, and cost control.

You can read more about G2’s scoring methodology here. To learn more about how manufacturers improve their operations with Factbird, head to our case studies page.