Manufacturing Intelligence

Enhance your manufacturing operations with Factbird's easy-to-setup Manufacturing Intelligence solutions. Collect, manage, and analyze production data from multiple sources to improve your manufacturing operations.

Manufacturing Intelligence Connects Different Data Sources and Hubs

Your path to more efficient manufacturing

Turn data into actionable insights with our built-in monitoring and analysis tools. Optimize processes, boost quality control, and improve efficiency from day one.

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Collect data

Whether it’s via plug-and-play IoT gateways, from PLCs, or through Kepware, we make it easy to collect data.

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Increase productivity

Reduce downtime, ensure consistent product quality, and increase output with actionable intelligence.

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Engage personnel

Move operators and managers away from hunches and towards a rewarding, fact-based approach to improvement.

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Secure data

Advanced encryption and secure network communication ensure maximum protection of your data.

Take control over quality and waste

Utilize data-driven recommendations to streamline manufacturing processes, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency.

  • Measure quality metrics to reduce waste and defects for more efficient manufacturing.
  • Digitize performance tracking and reporting for full visibility and better decision-making.
  • Track downtime, analyze stop causes and their impact, and identify root causes to enhance efficiency.
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Batch monitoring of manufacturing KPIs

Real-time data with 24/7 metrics

Foster excellence from the floor to the boardroom by visualizing KPIs such as production rates, defect rates, and equipment efficiency on customizable dashboards.

  • Batch changeover analysis.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Live performance dashboards.

Automated analytics and tools for continuous improvement

Remove manual and paper based tasks, close the loop of collecting data from production processes, analyzing it, and implementing improvement actions back into the operation.

  • Downtime live output tracking, pareto charts, OEE analysis, video analytics, and much more.
  • Alarm notifications for events requiring urgent action.
  • Browser-based, easy-to-use dashboards for every roll.
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Unified production data enables effective decision-making

Unify diverse data, such as production performance, process parameters, energy consumption, and raw material costs, for more informed decision-making.

  • OEE analysis of equipment, lines, and sites.
  • Integration of PLCs, ERP data and MES systems.
  • Automated site, shift, and batch reports.

What is Manufacturing Intelligence?

Manufacturing intelligence provides real-time visibility into production processes by integrating data from various sources. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and enhance efficiency.

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Manufacturing Intelligence in action

See how Raymundos boosted their efficiency with real-time production data and easy-to-use analysis tools from Factbird.

Capture more production data with our peripheral devices

Factbird OMRON Industrial Sensors


Factbird® edge devices are designed to be compatible with a wide range of sensors on the market.

We also offer a vast selection of Omron sensors tailored to specific industries and application needs, such as distance and diffuse sensors, humidity, inductive, temperature, vibration, pressure and current sensors.

Factbird Energy Monitors Product Image for power consumption analysis

Energy meters

Connect an energy meter to any Factbird® IIoT gateway device and get the insights you need to reduce power consumption and enhance your operational efficiency.

Reduce costs and improve your sustainability credentials. We help you monitor your energy consumption during standby or at various performance levels with standard energy meters or select Factbird® solutions.

Barcode scanners

Factbird's barcode scanner solutions help your team to log downtime events, log the beginning and end of batches, track raw material usage, and other valuable production data, saving time and resources.

Implementing the Factbird barcode solution helps you simplify repetitive, manual tasks, and enables your frontline operators to contribute more insights for analysis in the Factbird Cloud Application.

#1 Manufacturing Intelligence Software for Usability and Setup

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