Preventive Maintenance Module

Stay ahead of downtime with dynamic, data-driven preventive maintenance software.


Allow for operator-driven maintenance

With Factbird, you get a simple, and efficient way to manage maintenance tasks without the hassle of training operators in complicated maintenance systems. Our preventive maintenance software eliminates the need for rigorous training, allowing operators to take control with ease.

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Preventive maintenance software problem resolution

Immediate problem resolution

Use the powerful downtime analytics of Factbird to act quickly when issues arise. Spot recurring issues and start planning for prevention, all within the same system.

Clear overview that promotes action

Maintenance management simplified with an easy-to-understand overview of pending and performed maintenance jobs. Overdue tasked are flagged to promote immediate action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Preventive Maintenance Module and how does it work?

The Preventive Maintenance Module is a feature in the Factbird system. It allows maintenance managers not only to manage maintenance tasks based on time, but also offers the unique ability to schedule tasks according to machine usage or cycle counts. This flexibility in scheduling leads to efficient task completion and improved resource utilization.

How does the automatic scheduling based on cycle times work in the Preventive Maintenance Module?

The Preventive Maintenance Module facilitates maintenance scheduling based on production counts or 'cycle counts.' When you select "cycles," the system starts monitoring the output of the sensor you've chosen, which should be the one counting your production units. Each unit produced is counted as one cycle. When the system detects that a specific number of units (or cycles) has been reached, as per your set threshold, it automatically triggers a maintenance task. This ensures that maintenance tasks align with the actual wear and tear of the machinery, providing timely and efficient maintenance.

Can the Preventive Maintenance Module significantly reduce unplanned downtime?

Yes, by ensuring maintenance tasks are performed at the right intervals and by the most skilled operators, the Preventive Maintenance Module can significantly reduce unplanned downtime.

Can I customize the service intervals in the Preventive Maintenance Module based on my equipment's specific needs?

Yes, the Preventive Maintenance Module allows for customization of service intervals based on the specific needs of your equipment, ensuring optimal maintenance scheduling.

How many maintenance jobs can I setup?

You have unlimited number of jobs.

How can I provide instructions for maintenance tasks using the Preventive Maintenance Module?

In the Preventive Maintenance Module, instructions for tasks can be provided directly in a text format. You can also link to external resources for task instructions. For example, you can include a link to an instruction document stored on a shared internal drive, such as Microsoft SharePoint. This allows for comprehensive instructions that may include diagrams, images, or longer text.

How will I be notified about a maintenance job?

You will receive notification in the application.

What is the notification delay?

There is a notification delay of up to 5 minutes.

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