Mantec and Globus Wine: 30% improved OEE in less than 6 months

Mantec and Globus Wine OEE Case Study
Mantec and Globus Wine
October 30, 2023
Food & Beverage
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About Globus Wine and Mantec

Located in Køge, Globus Wine is Denmark's largest wine bottling facility. With an advanced automated production system, this facility bottles millions of litres of wine on a weekly basis, offering both Bag in Box and traditional bottle packaging options.

In 2022, seeking to unveil optimization opportunities in its production line, Globus Wine reached out to Mantec, a consultancy providing solutions that enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs, for a thorough analysis of its production processes.

Opportunities and implementation

For many years, Globus Wine had Factbird installed on all production lines, primarily for monitoring performance and retrieving historical data. During the analysis, this data proved invaluable to Mantec, offering detailed insights into volume, cycle times, and stop reasons.

By combining these insights with their approach to the operational studies of the plant, Mantec delivered a robust estimate of the facility's total productivity potential of at least 30%.

In the subsequent implementation project led by Mantec, intensive work was done on:

  • Reducing downtime and idle time
  • Amplifying operational stability
  • Involving leadership through production boards and production management
  • Managing pivotal metrics
  • Elevating maintenance efficiency
  • Adopting LEAN principles, continuous improvement, change reduction, and the 5S pillars
  • Streamlining planning
  • Refining raw and finished goods assortment
  • Enhancing flow
  • Reducing waste and stops

The results

Halfway through the improvement project, Globus Wine already realized a 30% efficiency gain, with more opportunities identified.

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Collaboration between Mantec, Globus Wine, and Factbird was crucial. Mantec's operational expertise, enriched by data from Factbird, alongside the dedication of Globus Wines' management, paved the way for significant operational enhancements.

Among other things, the system at Globus Wine has been expanded with Factbird® VIEW cameras to capture production process video data to pinpoint downtime causes and reduce wasted time/stop time in an even more targeted way.

Throughout the project, Mantec and the production management at Globus Wine have been able to monitor production performance in real time and work on improvements and downtime causes on a shift basis.

This has meant that there have been daily improvements to increase quality, operational stability/speed and waste reduction. On top of this, it has significantly increased employee motivation and engagement, and thus also the amount of improvement suggestions from employees and the ongoing implementation speed.

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