Video Process Analysis

Visualize your production processes with video analysis. Correlate video timestamps with production data for precise insights and analysis.

Enhance manufacturing insights with video

Leverage Factbird® VIEW to seamlessly collect and sync video data from a network camera to the Cloud server, ensuring real-time integration with your production data.

Access the video footage effortlessly on your phone, tablets, and PC, allowing convenient viewing at any time.

Factbird VIEW Manufacturing Production Monitoring Video Camera
Video analytics manufacturing Factbird

Anchor your decisions in solid facts

Take the guesswork out of your production process.

Quickly and easily identify the root cause of stops by just clicking on the data point, and watching the video. You’ll get actual video footage of the line at the exact moment to diagnose and fix problems straight away.

Fact check with playback power

Facilitate historical video analysis to understand what led to that significant stop or incident last week.

Further support root cause analysis and process improvement.

Stop type with video footage Factbird

Hersteller wenden sich an Factbird, um in Echtzeit Einblicke in Ihre Produktion zu erhalten